Wherever there are potentially dangerous edges and drops in a facility — be it at the lip of a loading dock or the upper level of a warehouse — you should be thinking about environmental safeguards for workers in the area. 通常,这些将包括护栏和其他障碍, 主要的安全意识工具 当局要求. 仓库, distribution centers and other industrial facilities are at their best when safety awareness is well-maintained. Reducing avoidable accidents and their resulting injuries comes with long-lasting benefits such as good morale and worker satisfaction. 考虑到护栏系统和相关设备的重要性, it’s worth looking at your own facility as soon as possible to ascertain its current protective equipment setup and potential for improvement. 然后,是时候为你的需要和安全找到理想的新资产了 专业安装维护.


An assessment of guard rail usage can begin by checking current equipment against Occupational Health and 安全 Administration standards. OSHA要求设施 to have fall protection systems for walking surfaces that are more than four feet above the next level down. 这包括各种各样的领域,包括:
  • 装货码头
  • 阁楼
  • 墙的开口,如溜槽入口
  • 坡道和跑道
  • 行走面上的洞,包括屋顶天窗
而护栏只是OSHA建议的坠落保护系统之一, 其他的更适合临时工作环境和更长时间的下降. These alternatives include safety nets and personal fall protection systems attached to workers’ personal equipment. This leaves guard rails as the obvious choice for permanent 安装 around edges higher than four feet, 或者任何需要隔离车辆和行人的地方. 例如, pedestrian walkways separating forklift traffic from pedestrian activity are good places for warehouse guard rail 安装. OSHA不仅仅要求 护栏系统; the agency also specifies what physical form these assets should take to reduce the danger that people may fall over or through them. 这些OSHA安全护栏规范包括:
  • 顶部栏杆距离步行面39到45英寸, 不过,如果满足其他要求,它可能会更高
  • 面板, 网格, screens or other objects between the surface and the top rail unless there is a wall at least 21 inches high involved
  • 上边缘和行走面之间的中间地带
  • 防护构件之间的开口不超过19英寸
  • 能够承受200磅的力在2英寸内的顶部边缘没有失败
  • 能承受150磅力的中轨面板和构件
  • 表面光滑,防止被刺破、撕裂和衣服被扯破
  • 如有危险,终点站不得有铁路悬垂
也有关于哪些材料可以用于轨道的规定, 帖子和系统的其他部分, 以及这些轨道的直径应该有多宽. 在坡道和跑道上安装护栏时, facility owners have to make sure to protect all otherwise-unprotected sides of the walking surface. While there are many OSHA regulations, they largely add up to a common-sense approach to guard rails. 当这些资产按照规范构建并正确安装时, 它们是设施的重要组成部分 安全意识计划.


仓库的一些区域不需要全尺寸的护栏, but still demand some type of handhold that will make it easier for employees to traverse that space. 除了标准护栏, OSHA维护两个相关的类别, 扶手和楼梯扶手系统. 通过确定后两种资产的独特之处, 你可以在你的设施中找到需要它们的地方,并确保它们达到标准. 正如俄勒冈州OSHA所描述的,这些资产类型是 由以下特征定义:


  • 它们是什么: 而不是让人或物体远离开放的边缘, hand rails are explicitly designed to offer support as individuals walk down a slope or a staircase.
  • 独特的需求: 和护栏一样, OSHA requires hand rails to resist 200 pounds of directly applied force. 这些钢轨还必须有光滑的表面,不能以可能造成伤害的方式突出. 由于扶手的目的是握住,所以必须抓住这些资产. 楼梯上的扶手与楼梯扶手不同. 扶手是用来防止跌倒的,而扶手则是用来在下降或上升的时候抓着的. 至少有四个升降梯和三个踏面的楼梯必须有一个扶手, 宽度超过44英寸的必须有两个. 如果楼梯宽度超过88英寸,中间必须有扶手.


  • 它们是什么: Stair rails offer the same functionality as guard rails — ensuring there are not unguarded drops — and they are installed on the exposed sides of stairways. 这些安全护栏与扶手一起安装, 确保楼梯既能防摔又能支撑.
  • 独特的需求: OSHA改变了关于楼梯扶手的要求,于2018年初生效. 而之前的最低高度是从顶部栏杆到楼梯踏板的30英寸, 这个数字现在是42英寸. The top rail of stair rails can no longer serve as a hand rail — if an asset is meant to combine stair rail and hand rail functionality, 必须安装一个单独的栏杆供人们抓住, 在30到38英寸之间. 和护栏一样, 楼梯扶手的开口不应大于19英寸, 它们应该能承受200磅的力.


The industrial safety rails around your warehouse have to be in top condition to reach their full potential. 毕竟, degraded integrity due to age or heavy use could compromise the value and reliability of these assets. 有多种价值被捆绑在一起 负责所有仓库设备的维护保养,每一个都值得自己去追求. The most significant kind of return on investment from safety railing systems — such as guard rails, hand rails and stair rails — comes from the simple fact that every organization should seek to operate an accident-free workplace. A single avoidable workplace incident is a potentially traumatic event for all personnel involved, 这意味着安全意识的努力必须始终是重中之重. Adequate and well-maintained heavy duty 护栏系统s are there for a reason: To protect against avoidable falls and collisions. 始终保持这些资产按预期工作符合组织的最大利益. The secondary benefit of maintenance and upkeep for safety railing and related assets around the loading dock and warehouse in general comes from minimizing supply chain disruptions. 资产失败不仅会伤害到员工. 它们会减缓物流运作, potentially causing thousands of dollars in losses for every hour that a part of the facility is unusable.

The need to stop equipment failures whenever possible is a strong incentive to invest in 主动维护 and inspections for all assets within the warehouse. 你的护栏系统的完整性应该经常由专家验证, rather than taking the chance of finding a problem during an OSHA inspection — or because an asset failed.

Warehouse guard rails cannot be a “set and forget” solution that are installed and not thought of again. 幸运的是, MINER等设施合作伙伴可以在设备生命周期的每一步提供帮助, 从最初的选择到持续的维护.


当你与值得信赖的顾问合作时, 安装, 维护和修理组织, 你可以自信地管理你的设施, 知道你的资产被妥善保管. 这是MINER提供的价值,影响所有仓库设备. 在处理像护栏系统这样重要的资产时, 有专家站在你这边尤其重要.


While 护栏系统s are a required and useful part of your warehouse 安全意识计划, 重要的是要记住,还有其他设备需要关注. 以下是其他一些可以考虑的顶级系统:

  • 地板条纹和纹理表面: These design elements are intended to help employees with spatial awareness while working on the loading dock and warehouse floor. 明亮的胶带标记或彩绘图案, potentially paired with warning textures can help employees know when they are approaching a staircase or edge of the loading dock on foot or in a forklift.
  • 卡车约束系统: 在装货码头,车辆构成了特殊的风险. 以限制可避免的滚离事故的风险, 你应该安装和维护车辆约束设备.
  • 控制面板: 当主管了解仓库门和卡车约束等资产的状态时, 他们可以帮助整个团队意识到潜在的风险. 这种高级视图来自于将动力资产连接到集中控制面板.

When combining assets such as these with responsibly deployed and actively maintained industrial safety railings, it’s easier to inspire confidence in your employees that you take their well-being seriously.


在设备维护过程中,只要您需要,MINER的专家随时待命. 这可能意味着咨询协助,以评估您的现有资产和选择 来自顶级供应商的新硬件. 它也可能涉及专业安装, 确保仓库设备从一开始就完好无损.

随着时间的推移, 主动维护 can be the key to ensuring every asset is delivering a maximized life span and optimized total cost of ownership. 一个理想的计划包括对每项资产的频繁评估, 确定是否合适, 年龄和条件创造一个层次的修复紧迫性. 与MINER专家一起设计的程序, 您可以从护栏系统等基本设备中获得理想的性能.

而主动维护的目的是尽量减少物料处理设备的停机时间, 有时紧急维修是必要的. MINER也会协助这个过程的这一部分, dispatching trained technicians carrying the right tools and parts to get your facility running again quickly.

安全 awareness and overall efficiency in your warehouse depend on the status of your equipment. 通过与您的组织合作,MINER提供您所需要的可靠性.